Chinese Theatre Circle Limited (CTC) presents

Singapore Cantonese Opera Festival '19


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  • Category 4 - $11.00

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2 Aug
(Fri), 7:30pm

Drama Centre, NLB Level 3

Dream At The Peony Pavilion

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3 Aug
(Sat), 7:30pm

Drama Centre, NLB Level 3


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4 Aug
(Sun), 2:00pm

Drama Centre, NLB Level 3

The Arrogant Princess

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Dream At The Peony Pavilion (FRI)

This full-length opera tells the romance between Du Li Niang, daughter of the Prime Minister and a scholar Liu Meng Mei whom she met in her dream whilst falling asleep at the pavilion in her garden. Shortly after, Du died; but was later revived by Liu following her appearance as a spirit to him. A series of complexities ensued ending finally with the Emperor's intervention reuniting the couple. A household story with Chinese Opera enthusiasts. This romantic story originated from an opera script written by the famous Chinese playwright Tang Xian Zhu (AD 1550 - 1616), a contemporary of William Shakespeare in the west. This current presentation is based on the script written by the renowned Hong Kong playwright the late Tang Di Sheng. The opera features See Too Hoi Siang, winner of two prestigious cultural awards, one local and one international, assuming the lead role as Du Li Niang, and Frances Wong Kum Yeng, the lead actor as Liu Meng Mei, with a cluster of See Too's opera students participating as the supporting cast.


This unique show features Singapore's indefatigable Cantonese Opera doyen Joanna Wong performing at the age of 80. In this show, she will perform two opera excerpts, namely, "More Haste Less Speed" from "The Arrogant Princess" in which she performs with her long time stage partner Lou Mee Wah, a Cultural Medallion winner whom she groomed, and "Punishing Her Husband" from "Warriors of The Yang Family" in which Joanna Wong partners Neng Tong Ming, a veteran Cantonese Opera star from China now based in Singapore. The show unfolds with a verse written by Leslie Wong and performed by an array of artists portraying the opera journey of Joanna Wong over the last few decades; while the finale will be an opera parade of fifty selected opera enthusiasts whom Joanna Wong has imparted her skills over the years. The names of these fifty artists are embedded in a song specially written by Leslie Wong sung by lead veteran singer Kwan Siu Ping and others. In between, the programme comprises opera snippets extracted from Joanna Wong's favourite performances spanning over the last decades. Each snippet, lasting only a few minutes will be performed by some of these aforesaid opera enthusiasts.

The Arrogant Princess (SUN)

This full-length opera is a hilarious comedy that tells the romance between the arrogant Princess Jun Rui and her Prince Consort Guo Ai in the Tang Dynasty (AD 618 - 907) in China. The Emperor betrothed Princess Jun Rui to Guo Ai following the victory over the rebels by the famous warriors of the Guo family. The Princess, arrogant by nature, imposed a host of royal rites for Guo Ai to observe. She was so arrogant that she refused to pay homage to her father-in-law on his birthday as she considered him as one of her subjects. Her absence from the celebratory ceremony resulted in Guo Ai being ridiculed by his brothers and their wives. Fuming with rage, Guo Ai returned to the palace and chided the Princess; and in a fit of anger, he slapped her on her face. The Princess felt so insulted and infuriated that she complained to the Emperor and the Empress. The witty Emperor seized this opportunity to inculcate filial values into the Princess, and through persuasion and a little coercion, managed to enlighten the Princess and resolved the dispute amicably. This presentation is based on an old traditional script modified by Leslie Wong to make the opera more dramatic and exciting. The opera features upcoming talent Lo Siu Ling assuming the title role of Princess Jun Rui with Chan Mei Yin the lead actor portraying the role of Prince Consort Guo Ai. The opera has a big cast and spectacular scenes.

Tickets priced at $50, $30, $20, & $10 for performances are available online through ticketing agent Botempus, and Chinese Opera Teahouse at 5 Smith Street in Chinatown. Tickets at $10 for the talk on 29 July 2018 are only available at the Chinese Opera Teahouse. Senior citizens, students and members of Passion Card are entitled to 20% discount.